About us

We supply Mediterranean plants of the highest quality through exhaustive and constant quality control.

Our company

COMEX PLANTAS, S.L. was born from the union of professionals with more than 10 years of post experience in the field of ornamental plants, who have come out of the illusion of creating their own on the creation of a solid and well-staged ornamental Effie creating a solid interdisciplinary base on the professionalism of the human team , on the basis of professional customers and on the basis of personal customers.

We operate from Crevillente (Alicante), a location that stands out as one of the focal points in which that of tree nurseries and that of the industry belong and our field of activity is international.


Our main objective is to offer the best quality plants, at the best price and with the best service to our clients, being able to put at their disposal a wide variety of Mediterranean plants of all sizes.
We provide a comprehensive and flexible advisory service so that our clients’ experience is as satisfactory as possible, managing the entire purchasing and logistics process.

Our specialty is Mediterranean plants such as Olea europaea, palm trees, all kinds of citrus, punica granatum, ficus, vitis vinifera, ceratonia siliqua, bushy plants, fruit trees, cacti and succulent plants. We also have a wide range of possibilities to offer the plant that our client wants.

At COMEX PLANTAS we know that both logistics and transportation are essential for plants to reach their destination in perfect condition and, in this sense, we can advise you to be able to provide the best solution to your needs.

In this way, we manage the preparation of the plants, as well as the control, labeling and packaging and all the necessary documentation.
Apart from in Spanish, we can attend you in 4 different languages: Spanish, German, English and Italian.


Our priority is the CUSTOMER, so we guide and advise you throughout the entire purchase process and even treat you as a friend.

We believe in a job well done, which is why we propose PERSONALIZED ATTENTION, that is, we listen to the needs of our clients and, from there, we design an offer that is as individualized as possible aimed at meeting their expectations with the highest quality.

We believe in COMMITMENT, with which we are also involved from beginning to end, which allows us to offer CONTINUOUS AND DETAILED ATTENTION throughout the purchase process.

We believe in HONESTY and therefore we guarantee a high quality service without deception and with total transparency.

FLEXIBILITY: organization of transport through optimized and efficient management, together with the possibility of centralization and grouping of plants from anywhere in Spain, aimed at keeping costs low.


Our production and recovery plants are treated and pruned with great care. We pay special attention to the prevention and control of pests. Take advantage of a plant well maintained by specialized growers.
We have an exhaustive and constant quality control during the growth cycle of the plants and before loading.
Throughout the years we have accumulated a lot of experience with the different forms of transport of the plant, so we load canvas trucks, refrigerators, containers and special transports, preparing the plants, packing if necessary and taking all the necessary measures to ensure that the plant arrives in the best condition.

Contact us

+34 691 44 23 69


Partida Saladar, 316. 03339, Crevillente, Alicante, España.

Quality, Honesty and Commitment.

We offer the best quality plants, at the best price and with the best service. We advise our clients and manage the entire purchasing and logistics process with transparency and involvement.

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